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World of H.C. Andersen is a new live action experience facility, placed in the center of Copenhagen. Step into the magical world and be a part of the stories, which made H.C. Andersen one of the most successful storytellers ever.

Interact, feel, observe and be amazed in an experience for the whole family.


live action experience

Soon, Danish and foreign tourists can join an adventurous journey back to the 1850s Copenhagen - all the way to H.C. Andersen's fairytale world. A brand new experience with live actors, storytelling, interaction and authentic interactive environments, bring visitors close to the great poet and his contemporary.

Hans Christian Andersen moved to Copenhagen 200 years ago. Soon he will be back in a spectacular live event experience.

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The experience will be designed as an immersive fairy tale universe, that guests walk through. On their journey they will meet different characters who all have something on their mind. They will lead the guests through mysterious rooms, scary corridors and hidden doors. The poet himself will also be present, and together with the guests, the framework is created for the imagination that characterizes H.C. Andersen's works, which made him world famous.

The whole experience is set to last an hour and is based on easy-to-understand English. There wil also be a themed café and a merchandise store offering quality products with a large selection of designs, performed by both local and international artists.

The World of HCA will be located in Inner City to ensure easy access

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We are currently looking for investors, so if you are interested, you can watch our pitch document by pressing the button. Extended figures and numbers are by request.

You can contact our CEO
Kasper Sjøgren on phone +45 5122 9212
Mailadress: kasper@worldofhca.com

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Claus Raasted on phone +45 2234 2480
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